Teacher Award Testimonials

My most positive and touching experience was hearing from former students, parents, administrators, and co-workers. I received cards, notes, phone calls, and text messages from so many people wishing me well, telling me how much they supported my achievements, and reminding me of ways that I had touched their lives. It was overwhelming and simply an unforgettable experience. This experience gave me a huge boost just in the confirmation of how much we as teachers touch the lives of others in everlasting ways. This past year was a truly tough year for teachers here in Louisiana, but the LEF Awards experience reminded me how important
the teaching profession is and that it is well worth the effort and hard work that is required to be successful with our students. I felt renewed!

There was true validation by being a finalist that education was the only place I needed to be. It solidified that I was making a difference in our children’s lives and that only makes the future look brighter. There are many challenges in the day to day classroom environment and this award just makes you feel like someone is appreciating all the efforts being made. The genuine feeling of support felt like a “warm blanket” from other comrades that would have never been able to be felt if it were not for the LEF and its awards ceremony.

Reading the letters from students, parents, and coworkers that took the time to express their
gratitude made me feel positively radiant! I even heard from my former sixth grade teacher in Ohio, who at age 93 said I was her student of the millennium.

Also, the surprise by the LEF crew at my school would almost beat that experience. Looking out at teary eyed faces of my colleagues in the background, proved to be a moment cemented in my visual memory for life. I thought everyone could hear my heart pounding! Being on the stage with other truly dedicated human beings made me feel great about choosing teaching as a profession. I felt a deep connection to all of the teachers in the room that night, not just those on the stage. I felt a kinship with them and all of the supporters surrounding us. I believed that our work had not been in vain and all of the positive energy in that room would be far reaching.

Being a teacher, as with any profession, we are faced with many obvious challenges. However, many challenges exist that are not as obvious. We become parents, in a sense, to our students. They become our own, and we find ourselves not only worried about their academic success, but their personal success as well. At times it can be somewhat overwhelming. However, to hear from your students that your hard work has made an impact on their lives is extremely rewarding and makes it all worthwhile.

This event made me realized how I made tremendous impact on my students’ lives! This event encouraged me to continue teaching because the recent changes made to education system in Louisiana are not encouraging valuable teachers to stay in the profession! Lafayette Education Foundation is a great organization because this organization makes every teacher feel valuable! This organization works very hard to get the community involved in this event!