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Contributions made to LEF ensure that children have a better chance of building a successful future through education, leading to a stronger community. LEF programs are making a positive impact in the success of Lafayette Parish students. LEF’s current focus is to assist and provide support to the Lafayette Parish School System in the following ways:

  • provide resources to educators, meeting basic needs and/or creating innovative and creative learning opportunities in the classroom
  • increase the percent of students reading on or above grade level
  • facilitate teacher recognition opportunities, showcasing excellent educators across Lafayette Parish

Continuous charitable support through LEF A-Listers, Grant Partnerships, LEF Teacher Awards, You Got Schooled and the LEF Endowment is imperative to ensure that these important programs will be strengthened and can further grow to meet the needs of Lafayette Parish students and teachers.

We appreciate your support of our mission to promote and support excellence in education in Lafayette Parish.

Lafayette Education Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization. All charitable donations for which no goods or services have been exchanged are tax deductible.

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