Classroom and School Impact Grants

With help from Grant Partners throughout our parish, LEF is excited to provide funding for 33 Classroom and School Impact Grants in the 2017-2018 school year. These grants touch on a number of subjects, whether it’s providing students with books to match their personal interests or teaching 800 students how to develop a school newspaper, each of these programs are bound to have a positive outcome. LEF looks forward to working with these teachers and reporting success stories throughout the year.

Dollar Amount Awarded

Number of Grants

Number of Schools

These grants are categorized by the following

Innovative & Creative Grants

Designed to incorporate an innovative approach to the learning process or provide a creative learning experience.

Basic Skills Grants

Recognizing the need for additional support to help all students achieve, these grants are those which are not necessarily creative, but necessary for improvement of basic skills. These grants also help to provide basic needs in the classroom. These grants will be evaluated on specific goals that provide measurable outcomes. 

Classroom Grant

Impacts a single class with a maximum budget of $1,000
Download Class Grant Example 1
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School Impact Grant

Can impact a grade level, subject level or an entire school with a maximum budget of $5,000
Download School Impact Grant Example 1
Download School Impact Grant Example 2

Grant Applications are now open

Click here to access the 2020-2021 Grant Application.