LEF’s mission to promote and support excellence in education is accomplished through several programs. LEF’s longest running program is the annual Classroom and School Impact Grants, and LEF is now seeking out Model Grants and Incubator Programs. Each of these grant types are distinct and will be available for application through our website.


Grant Partnerships


LEF Grant Partners support LEF programs by funding individual grant programs. Grant Partners are community individuals, businesses and foundations who select specific grants and fund the program expenses through a donation to LEF. Unless otherwise specified, the Grant Partners’ names are recognized on all internal and external publicity associated with the funded grant. Contact LEF to find out how you can DIRECTLY support excellence in education by becoming a grant partner.
*Lafayette Education Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization. All charitable donations for which no goods or services have been exchanged are tax deductible.

This grant has opened up more doors than I ever expected. The students are now creating the on-line videos for our newspaper, instead of me, and they are very good at it. They are enjoying the green-screen effects and the interviewing process. I have two students who actually want to further their knowledge with the movie-making process. The students being interviewed love it as well. They truly enjoy to hearing and seeing themselves and their friends on our Jacket Journal. I have many more ideas for this grant and can’t wait to work on them over the summer and get them rolling next year!


Classroom and School Impact Grants

LEF recognizes the need for additional financial resources to help all students in the parish to achieve. This grant program is designed to incorporate innovative and creative approaches to the learning process, while also helping to meet basic needs of students and teachers in the classroom. Projects range from STEM activities, to literacy initiatives, to arts showcases!

Incubator Programs

The goal of the Incubator Program is to implement potentially successfully programs and projects that have not yet been implemented in
Lafayette Parish schools. An application process prevents educators from having to “reinvent the wheel” while fostering the sharing of innovative and creative approaches to learning for the students of Lafayette Parish.

Model Grants

Model Grants are those which are based on programs that have already been successfully implemented in Lafayette Parish and can be replicated to benefit students throughout the parish. An application process prevents educators from having to “reinvent the wheel” while fostering the sharing of best practices.