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LEF Teacher Award Nominations

We bet you know some amazing teachers.

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Lafayette Education Foundation

Through 30 years of hard work and determination, LEF has funded hundreds of grants, recognized thousands of teachers and assisted countless students in Lafayette Parish. The foundation continues to implement strategies that stimulate optimism and inspiration among educators, parents and children. Schools and teachers can offer their students unique learning opportunities through grant funding from LEF. Any teacher can be nominated for their exemplary work through the annual Teacher Awards ceremony held by LEF and sponsors. LEF develops supportive relationships between the private sector and the Lafayette Public School System. LEF’s services continue to grow as we stay committed to our mission and goals.


Being our primary tool to promote excellence in education, our Grant Programs put academic dollars directly into classrooms.

Teacher Awards

Since 1999, LEF has honored outstanding PreK-4 – 12th grade educators in Lafayette Parish public, private, parochial and charter schools.

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